The word Yoga means to unite and is derived from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means “to unite”. The goal of yoga is to unite, balance and harmonise the body, mind and emotions.

Our Philosophy

Practicing yoga can bring many health benefits, improved flexibility and fitness, increased energy levels, improved mental outlook and helps alleviate stress. Yoga Therapy can be used in a therapeutic way to help clients with health problems, good to relieve stress problems, good for back pain and other ailments. A good yoga practice consists of meditation, posture work, breathing exercises and relaxation. Which help to unite body mind and spirit.

Meditation is the active process of encouraging stillness in the mind. Even a few minutes of meditation each day can improve our ability to cope with everyday life and help us to develop an awareness of our inner self. Studies have shown that anxiety and stress levels can be reduced effectively with meditation.

Message from Centre Director
“I enjoyed attending yoga classes so much that after a few years I enrolled with YTTC and later with YTI to become a Yoga teacher and a Yoga Therapist. I started Meditation (TM )when I was still in secondary school.

Teaching Yoga has opened up a whole new world for me. It is good to see a person try out different postures, and see the benefits and flexibility that a yoga class can bring to an individual. As I always say, no two bodies are the same and no two yoga practices are alike.

I now have a wonderful yoga studio at my home, with great space and light. I keep my classes small, with a maximum of 8 people per class (both male and female). I teach meditation, breathing exercises, asana practice and yoga nidra (relaxation).”

Finola O’Sullivan
Clonmel Yoga Centre Director